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Pitch Anything By Oren Klaff

Every time I read a new business book, I feel inspired and motivated.

Inspired; because I am learning new things and am broadening my horizon. And motivated because I immediately want to go out and apply my new learnings.

Unfortunately, my current working life does not always leave room for me to practice my new skills. This week I, for instance, read ‘Pitch anything’ by Oren Klaff and immediately wanted to go out and apply his – super cool – method for pitching business proposals. But since I spend most of my time creating videos on my sofa and don’t need billion-dollar investments for my company I don’t really have a chance to practice….

What I do instead is that I try to convert what I have learned and use it in my personal life instead. Not sure my husband and two teenagers always appreciate this approach, but I do believe it makes me a better mother and wife, nonetheless.

Anyways – Pitch anything is a very cool book, and I can only recommend reading it – both if you are actually pitching billion dollars deals to investors or if you, like me, end up using his Pitch-approach on more down-to-earth situations.

And should you find yourself short on time, why don’t you start by checking out my animated summary of the book on my YT channel. You can find it here:

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