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Think Again By Adam Grant

I genuinely enjoy being right! Also, in stupid situations like when arguing with my husband if our sofa is 4 or 4,5 years old or when discussing the exact rules of monopoly with my son. I mean, really, who cares?!?! And is it REALLY worth arguing over? The OBVIOUS answer is NO, but the fact… Continue reading Think Again By Adam Grant

The Upward Spiral By Alex Korb

If you tell someone you’re feeling depressed, they will probably assume there must be an external cause and ask, “why?”. According to Alex Korb, this isn’t the right question! Instead, we need to look toward the complicated configuration of the human brain. Today’s big idea comes from Alex Korb and his insightful book, ‘The Upward… Continue reading The Upward Spiral By Alex Korb


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