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I wanted to share the background story of BigIdeasGrowingMinds with you.

One beautiful night I was going for a walk with my then 9-year-old son. He is a thoughtful child and as all children, his mind is open and curious.

During this particular period I was working for a big oil company and we were in the middle of rolling out an extensive leadership program based on Viktor Frankl’s best selling book “Man’s search for meaning.”

The book details holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl’s horrifying experiences in Nazi concentration camps, along with his psychological approach of logotherapy, which is what helped him survive and shows you how you can – and must – find meaning in your life.

In short the theory states that there’s no general meaning of life and not even one, singular meaning of your own life. Your life’s meaning is not only unique to you, it also depends on your decisions and situations. How you act, and how much responsibility you bring to the decisions you make, determines how big your sense of meaning in life is. For me Viktor Frankl’s teachings was eye-opening and I would even argue life changing.

As this was something heavily on my mind due to the big roll out at work I started to talk to my son about the concept.

And to my great surprise – and at the same time no surprise at all – my son really took to the concept and we had a great and meaningful (pun intended) conversation about life, meaning and deeper purpose.

Once we came home I felt pretty happy with myself and my (awesome) mother-skills. Imagine if I could help my son navigate through life after these principles of meaning and happiness – wow what a difference that could make in his life! And then I thought – hang on! Why stop here? Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone had the opportunity to know about this stuff? To learn about Big Ideas and Grow their Minds? What if we can teach them to be better leaders, colleagues, friends, and perhaps even better versions of themselves all together?

 … And that’s how I thought of the idea of BigIdeasGrowingMinds!! Since then I have done a lot of thinking, a lot of talking and now it is actually here.

So now it’s is time for you, to join me on the journey!

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