Welcome to BigIdeasGrowingMinds?

Hi there! BigIdeasGrowingMinds was created because we believe that the Big Ideas often only taught in Leadership Development Programs, should be available for anyone! Anyone:

  • Who wants to learn and grow;
  • Who wants to find meaning & purpose in their lives;
  • Who wants to be the best they can be!

So, if you want to become a better leader, colleague, or friend… Or perhaps even “a better you” altogether, BigIdeasGrowingMinds is for you!

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Helping you Grow your Mind

I started BigIdeasGrowingMinds because I have a true passion for Learning, Leadership Development and Personal growth. I believe that in order for people to be the best possible version of themselves, they need to challenge themselves; and they need to constantly adapt, learn and grow their minds.

In a fastmoving world, it can be tough to keep up, and even tougher to find time for reflection and self-development. Many people are “so busy driving that they forget to put fuel on the car” or “too busy sawing to stop and sharpen the saw”.

The BigIdeasGrowingMinds channel is here to help since we will be introducing big thoughts and ideas that can help you challenge yourself; and inspire you to adapt, learn and grow your mind!

big thoughts and ideas

And how will we do that you ask? Well, it is simple. We are going to provide you with key takeaways from the world’s top thought leaders in 5 minutes or less! Simply summarizing the essence. Or put another way, instead of serving you “knowledge soup” we are going to provide you with “knowledge bouillon cubes”! Just enough for you to:

  • Get inspired and grow your mind
  • Remember highlights from books you have already read
  • Make enlightened conversation with friends, family or colleagues
  • Decide to dig deeper into one of the Big Ideas presented on the channel.
the very best you

The goal with BigIdeasGrowingMinds is to bring Big Ideas and Inspiring Learning to people all over the world; to ensure inclusive and quality learning opportunities and promote lifelong learning for everyone who want to learn, grow and be the best they can be… And only with your help will this be possible so please help us spread the word about BigIdeasGrowingMinds!

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Take care and see you soon.