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Outside the Box-To-Box

According to research, 3 in 5 citizens of Western countries report that they feel lonely.

And to make matters worse, the number is on the rise. This is problematic since loneliness goes directly against our biological programming and prevents us from being happy. 

For nearly 80 years, Harvard has been researching what determining factors are involved for people to lead healthy and happy lives. Their conclusion is clear! The quality of social relationships is the most important factor in lifelong happiness. Much more so than money or fame. 

This makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective since humans have evolved in close-knit communities for our entire history as a species. We depend on connection and the help of others to feel fulfilled and safe.

This seems obvious, but strangely we find that people tend to put much more effort into their careers and finances than into their social relationships.

This week I have summarized a fabulous book written by Tak Maeda that tackles this problem head-on. The book is called ‘Outside the Box to Box’ and is a ‘more-relevant-than-ever’ reminder that to live the most beautiful, fulfilled lives, we need to step outside our individual ‘boxes’ and connect to others.

Here is our take on the most essential insights conveyed in the book.

#1 The Box-to-Box Lifestyle:

The box-to-box lifestyle is one where you spend the majority of your time in one of two “boxes”. One box is your work or school, and the other box is your home. Pretty much the entirety of your life happens in one of these two boxes or when commuting between them.

Living box-to-box for a day or two isn’t a bad thing, but this scenario isn’t just a one-time thing for many modern people. On the contrary, it pretty much describes their whole lives.

#2 Why the Box-to-Box is problematic:

The main problem is that this lifestyle is the perfect breeding ground for an unhappy life, as there is very little real social connection, which makes us feel lonely and sad.  

#3 Outside the Box-to-Box

To break free of the box-to-box lifestyle, you’ll need to start prioritizing your social life!

Start by setting a goal for your social interactions. Since everybody’s ideal social lives are different, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so make sure you choose the kind of social life that will make you the happiest. 

In this video, we will explore each piece of wisdom in greater detail. We hope you will enjoy it, that it will inspire you, help you Grow your Mind, and Motivate You to be The Best You!

You can check out the video here:

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