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The Richest Man in Babylon

I continue to be amazed at how the internet connects people from all over the world. This week I launched a video in collaboration with some fantastic guys in India who share my passion for continuous learning and inclusive education. How different our environments must be – Me in my small danish suburb and our friends at When to Read What’ in India, yet we still share the same purpose and passion and can easily work together to produce amazing content.  I love it!!

The video we created is an animated summary of the ‘Richest Man in Babylon’ by George S. Clason.

In a nutshell, the book is a parable in which a wealthy man slowly teaches others how to create, grow, and preserve wealth.

Here is our take on the most essential lessons from the book.

#1 Spend Less Than You Make.

#2 Pay yourself first.

#3 Use your Savings to Make More Money.

#4 Invest your money wisely.  

#5 Invest in Yourself first, and you will earn More.

#6 Greed clouds Your Judgement.

#7 Lucky people create their own luck.

In this video, we will explore each lesson further. We hope you will enjoy it, that it will inspire you, help you Grow your Mind, and Motivate You to be The Best You!

You can check out the video here:

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Take care and see you soon.

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