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Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em by Beverly Kaye & Sharon Jordan-Evans

Today’s big idea comes from Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans and their bestselling book – ‘Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em’. The book offers a thorough guide for managers on retaining their best employees and, equally important, how to keep them engaged and committed.

As always, we highly recommend reading the whole book. You can buy it by clicking our affiliate link:

We have identified and compiled 4 Big Ideas from the book:

Big Idea #1 – Ask before it is too late

More often than not, managers are so afraid to ask their employees the crucial question: ‘What will It take to keep you’ that they end up asking it during the ‘exit-interview’ when the ship has most likely already sailed. They worry that they will not be capable of fulfilling any requests – like an increase in salary, education, or promotion and hence they often simply refrain from asking.

‘Love Em or Lose Em’ teaches managers that they have to stop guessing and presuming. Until they ask, they have no idea of knowing what desires and needs their employees have.

#2 – The only way – isn’t – up

Research has shown that career opportunities is one of the primary reasons people stay and perform. Nonetheless, many managers refrain from supporting the career plans of their talented employees, and some even hold them back because they fear that their departure will hurt their team’s performance. Ironically this strategy often backfires, and some of their best people walk. Often to the competitor.

‘Love Em or Lose Em’ teaches managers that they have to push through this fear and start supporting their best people, even if this means losing some of them.

Here is a list of alternatives to ‘moving up’.

  • Enrichment: Growing in place through Education or increased Responsibility.
  • Lateral Movement: Moving across divisions or functional areas. 
  • Exploration: Temporary moves intended for researching other options.
  • Re-alignment: Moving gracefully downward to open new opportunities.

Remember: As a manager, it is essential to realize that your job isn’t to build their career plan but to support them along the way.

#3 – Show Respect, be Honest and Give Them Space

As a manager, you can dramatically increase the possibility of your people staying by:

  • Giving them space to be self-directed
  • Allowing them to manage their own time,
  • and by encouraging them to work and think in new ways.

#4 – Get it right from the beginning

The ‘Love Em’ approach’ to retaining and gaining talent starts with the hiring process. Getting the right people through the door in the first place increases the possibility of keeping them.

‘Love Em’ managers know this and therefore view hiring as one of the most critical tasks on their plate. They know that finding the right candidate is crucial and go to great lengths to find the right fit – both culturally and professionally.

They also make a great effort when on-boarding new employees to make them feel welcome and valued from day 1.

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