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Do hard things by Steve Magness

When thinking of the word “tough,” many people think of a John-Wayne-type: someone who suffers silently, stoically ignores pain, and wouldn’t be caught dead talking about their feelings. But according to author Steve Magness this popular image of toughness is deeply flawed and needs to be revised.

In his thought-provoking book ‘Do Hard Things’ he proposes that toughness isn’t projecting confidence; it’s uncovering authenticity. See, true toughness begins long before we reach the playing field or the conference stage. It starts with how we assess the situation and our capabilities. Our expectations set the stage for our biological reaction.

True resilience comes from being honest with ourselves, from aligning our expectations and reality! Being honest with ourselves allows us to relentlessly pursue our goals, which inevitably improves our endurance and performance. 

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