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Super Life By Darin Olien

There are many advantages of having a mom who is a professional Youtuber/Housewife. I am almost always home for cooking and driving purposes (teenage boys are always hungry and equally often need a lift …), and even though they are big and can handle themselves, I sense that they still appreciate me being here when they are sick or sad or happy 😊 Also having read more than 140 books on Self-Development, parenting, communication, interpersonal relationship, etc. the last few years gives me a good starting point for awesome mom-hood (most of the time 😉).

One of the disadvantages is that every week when I read a new book, they become guinea pigs for whatever new ‘fab’, leadership style, or communication skills I just have learned. Which sometimes drives them crazy.

This week I read ‘Super Life’ by Darin Olien – a super inspiring book that immediately made me want to eat healthier… Raw broccoli, spinach, and quinoa are now a daily part of my diet and, as you may have guessed, also on the menu for the boys!!

Luckily, they seem actually to be enjoying it, and hopefully, we will all live longer and healthier lives because of it!!

‘Super Life’ puts forward the simple but radical theory that you can fundamentally improve your physical and mental health simply by utilizing five life forces: Quality Nutrition, Hydration, Oxygenation, Alkalization, And Detoxification.

Together, these five life forces provide us with an entirely new way of thinking about health and well-being.

If you, too, are interested in joining the ‘broccoli cult’ 😉 or just feel curious about what Darin Olien has to say, you can start by watching our animated summary of the book.

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