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Courage is calling By Ryan Holiday

The brave don’t despair. They believe. They are not cynical; they care. They think there is stuff worth dying for – that good and evil exist. They know that life has problems but would rather be part of the solution than a bystander.

Ryan Holiday

This quote comes from the highly motivational book ‘Courage is calling’ by Ryan Holiday. The book explores the idea of bravery and discloses the power of displaying courage. Through inspirational stories and anecdotes about historical and contemporary leaders, Holiday:

– Defines the characteristics of courage,

– Teaches us how to conquer fear,

– And guides us in becoming more courageous (one small step at a time).

 A crucial premise is that we live in a world where fear runs rampant! Where people: 

– Stand on the sidelines instead of speaking out against injustice,

– Go blindly along with convention instead of forming their own opinions

– And turn a blind eye to the ugly realities of modern life!

And because of this, we need courage more than ever. We need the courage of whistleblowers and risk-takers. We need the courage of activists and adventurers. We need the courage of writers who speak the truth—and the courage of leaders to listen.

By the way, as I was writing this blog post, I realized that this is the 4th book by Ryan Holiday that I have summarized this year. I guess I must really like his work; I hope you will enjoy the summary as well 😊 You can watch it here:

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