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Think Again By Adam Grant

I genuinely enjoy being right! Also, in stupid situations like when arguing with my husband if our sofa is 4 or 4,5 years old or when discussing the exact rules of monopoly with my son. I mean, really, who cares?!?! And is it REALLY worth arguing over? The OBVIOUS answer is NO, but the fact is that I truly have to pull myself together and decide to LET these things go!

This week I got a good reminder from Adam Grant on why this is something I MUST keep working on! See, Adam wrote a mindboggling and thought-provoking book called ‘Think Again’ where he offers this simple advice: Keep an open mind. Think and act like a scientist. And remember to revise your opinions when the evidence demands it. In a nutshell, he calls this ‘Rethinking’.

Rethinking helps us stay relevant in a world that knows no stability and reminds us that ‘Staying put’ is no longer an option. We must become willing to evaluate our beliefs, question our convictions, and embrace new information. We must Re-think!

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