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The upside of Stress by Kelly McGonigal

In the 1930s, Hungarian endocrinologist Hans Selye ran a series of experiments with rats, testing the effects of stress on their bodies. What he concluded was that stress had significant health implications for the animals! Taking his findings, a step further, he theorized that stress affects humans similarly.

As a result, even to this day, most health experts preach that stress is dangerous. ‘Learn to manage your stress’, they say, or ‘suffer severe consequences such as heart disease, depression, or addiction’.

When they say ‘manage your stress’ they actually mean ‘reduce it’ – either through relaxation techniques or by reorganizing your life.

This week I read a fascinating and intriguing book that disputes this conventional wisdom. It’s called ‘The Upside of Stress’ and is written by Kelly McGonigal. The book has the subtitle ‘Why stress is good for you, and how to get good at it’ and is, in its essence, a rarely positive approach towards stress! Building on the latest scientific research, McGonigal teaches us how to embrace stress and use it to become happier, healthier, and more productive.

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