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Drawdown – The Most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse Global Warming! Edited by Paul Hawken

In recent years it has become painfully evident that Human-induced climate change is affecting weather and climate extremes in every region across the globe.

The sad facts are that Scientists are observing changes across the whole of Earth’s climate system: in the atmosphere, in the oceans, ice floes, and on land. Many of these changes are unprecedented, and some of the shifts are in motion now, while some – such as continued sea-level rise – are already ‘irreversible’ for centuries to millennia ahead.

The good news is that there is still time to act and limit climate change. This week I read New York Times bestselling book ‘Drawdown’. The book is edited by ‘Paul Hawken’ and has the subtitle ‘the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse Global Warming’.

And Paul Hawken is indeed a man on a mission. A mission to not only stop climate change but reverse it! Back in 2013, Hawken, therefore, assembled a team of leading scientists and policymakers from around the world in a project group. Together they embarked on a journey to map, evaluate, and analyze the top 100 most applicable, actionable, and scalable strategies to reverse global warming.

Here is our take on the essential insights conveyed in the book. 

#1 Clean energy – a vital part of the solution!

#2 Women and Girls – play an essential role

#3 What we eat – matter

#4 Sustainable transportation – A significant influence

#5 It is not all bad – since some solutions actually make the world a better place after all!!

We hope you will enjoy this video, where we will take you through each essential insight in further detail. You can check out the video here: https://youtu.be/8Sr9XMcNAqA

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