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Harness The Power of The Invincible Mind

I never cease to be amazed by the Power of The Mind. The way our thoughts and our mindset shape who we are and what we can achieve is astonishing! This week I read a super cool book by Alex Neumann. It is called ‘Harness the Power of The Invincible Mind’.

In a nutshell, the book offers the reader a series of wonderful guiding principles on how to create a productive and satisfying life. It reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs and offers profound yet simple and practical teachings that will guide you to a new level of energy, clarity, confidence, purpose, and passion.

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Here is our take of the essential pieces of wisdom presented in the book:  

#1 Embrace adversity.

Already from childhood, we learn to fear adversity. We fear it because it rattles us, but the reality is that although it can be hard to see and accept when you are in the midst of it, every loss, every heartbreak, and every defeat has its lessons. So, stop fearing adversity and start embracing it!

#2 The Powerful mind.

Both suffering and pleasure are domains of the mind. Our perspective is simply the lens through which we perceive reality. If your lens is dark, you will only see shadows; if the lens is clear, your outlook will be clear as well.

#3 Attitude.

Look deep within and realize that success cannot be defined by others, by society, or even by religion. Stop caring what others think or worry about – since it is merely an illusion. There are no winners or losers in life! Only winners.

#4 Suffering.

The harder we try to escape from suffering, the more we experience it! The best thing we can do is to accept that suffering is an inevitable part of life and to find within us the courage to confront it head-on.

#5 Choices.

To live the fullest, most beautiful life, you must realize that life is all about choices and that often the little ones are the most important. There is no situation where you don’t have a choice. Maybe the options you are facing aren’t appealing, but there is choice, nonetheless.

#6 The others.

Humans are social beings. Without social interactions, the worth of life declines to zero. Without others, you cannot be.

#7 The invincible mind

The invincible mind is one unencumbered by the limitations of the past. An invincible mind knows that it has the power to find solutions to every challenge and takes responsibility for its shortcomings.

In this video, we will explore every piece of wisdom in further detail. We hope you will enjoy it.

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