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The Power Paradox by Dacher Keltner

Today’s big idea comes from Dacher Keltner and his book ‘The Power Paradox’. The book explores what power is, how it is gained and lost, and how it shapes the world.

The word ‘power’ gets thrown around a lot, but its meaning is often vague or even unclear. Sometimes it denotes something sinister or almost evil; sometimes, people find it enviable and Awe-inspiring. 

In ‘The Power paradox,’ we learn how Power dynamics shape our experience of life, from our romantic relationships to our workplace associations and in overall societal interactions. He claims that at the heart of ‘power’ lies the troubling paradox that: “we rise in power and make a difference in the world due to what is best about human nature, but we fall from power due to what is worst. We gain a capacity to make a difference in the world by enhancing the lives of others, but the very experience of having power and privilege leads us to behave, in our worst moments, like impulsive, out-of-control sociopaths.”

Here is our take on the highlights from the book:

#1: Power is about making a difference in the world 

#2 Power is given, not grabbed 

#3 Enduring power comes from focusing on others 

#4 Power can be abused but If we are careful, we can avoid this pitfall 

#5 Feelings of powerlessness comes at a great price 

And a reflection: Power can and should be a force for good. To attain it, we must act compassionately and selflessly towards others – otherwise, they won’t follow us! And once Power is obtained, we must not succumb to the power paradox by letting it go to our heads. How we handle the power paradox guides our personal and work lives and determines, ultimately, how happy we and the people we care about will be.

In this video, we will explore each highlight further. We hope you will enjoy it, that it will inspire you, help you Grow your Mind, and Motivate You to be The Best You!

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