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The Magic of Believing By Claude M. Bristol

Today’s big idea comes from ‘Claude M. Bristol’ and his moving and magical book, ‘The Magic of Believing’.! Bristol was an author, journalist, and motivational adviser and a firm believer in the existence of A certain something, a force, a factor, a power, a science – call it what you will – which people can use to overcome their difficulties and achieve outstanding success!

The book is filled with colorful stories and anecdotes about people who, throughout history, used the power of belief to get what they wanted. Bristol believes that thinking about something the right way will make it happen, and that belief is the determining factor that separates success from failure!

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

According to Bristol, a genuinely remarkable power resides within us in the form of the subconscious mind. Human beings can tap into this vast, incomprehensible Power through the magic of belief. Some call this ‘Spirit’. Others call it ‘Soul’. Whatever we choose to call it, it seems to exist within humans while simultaneously being connected to some universal life force.

The subconscious is the ultimate key to success. Think of how often you have stayed up late, trying in vain to find the answer to a problem. You work into the wee hours but come no closer to finding a solution. Finally, you give up and go to bed. But like Magic, the next morning, the solution to your problem emerges as a comprehensive, fully detailed picture. This is the work of the subconscious mind! 

You can use several time-tested methods to tap into this potential force; in this video, we will review them further. We hope you will enjoy it! If you do, please remember to give it ‘a like’ and to share it with your network and on your social media.

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