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Care to Dare by Georg Kohlrieser

Have you ever been led by someone who cared for you like family, and dared you to achieve more than you ever thought possible for yourself, your organization, and even society? I have and I can tell you without hesitation that it felt really great!

This week I read a very lovely book called ‘Care to Dare’ that made me further understand why this type of leadership not only feel goods for everyone involved but can also be of tremendous benefit to the department, company or even the world!

See, the book teaches us how to unleash tremendous leadership potential by building trust, facilitating change, and accelerating focus. A key point in the book is that to obtain sustained high performance in a team; the leader must facilitate a combination of safety and stretch. Put in other words, leaders must install a sense of protection and comfort in the team from which everyone:

– Receives energy,

– Find inspiration to explore,

– Feel safe to take risks

– and uncover the courage to seek new challenges!

They must become ‘Secure Base Leaders’

We hope you will enjoy our animated summary, where we will walk you through the essential points conveyed in the book.

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