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Ego is the Enemy By Ryan Holiday

Hi there, BigM Fans. We just posted a new video on the Youtube Channel!! It features Big Ideas 🧠💡from Ryan Holiday and his thought-provoking book “Ego is the enemy?”.

In the book, Holiday explores a little voice that lives inside our heads. A voice that tells us we are worthy of great things, that we deserve more than others, and that we know best. This voice is our Egos!

It can often appear that a strong ego is imperative to survive and thrive in the business world. However, according to Ryan Holiday, a big Ego is far from the universal key to success! Instead, he argues that an egotistical attitude can be downright destructive! That it can ruin relationships, prevent us from reaching our most tremendous potential, and leave us unable to progress.

A key point in the book is that although history is populated by famous and even notorious egomaniacs, the most influential and successful people are, in fact, those who focus on their life’s work with humility and dedication.

Here is our take on the critical insights conveyed in the book:

#1 No shortcuts to success.

#2 Don’t be passionate

#3 A healthy dose of confidence

#4 Continuous learning is critical! 

#5 Get over yourself.

You can check out the video here: https://youtu.be/0iipxh33wgM

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