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Winning ‘Underneath it all’ By Jack Welch

More than a decade ago, I joined the HR department at a large Danish Headquarters. Being only two years into my career, I still had lots to learn about corporate life, so as part of my onboarding, I was given a copy of ‘Winning’ By Jack Welch. I read it with enthusiasm, but honestly, I am not sure I completely understood all its powerful messages at the time.

This week I re-read the book and – now older and wiser – I find myself in a better place to reflect on its insights, and I have to say that I still find them quite inspiring and up to date, even if many years has gone by since Mr. Welch wrote the book. 

Jack Welch was CEO and Chairman of General Electric from 1981 to 2001. During his tenure, the company became one of the world’s most valuable corporations. In ‘Winning,’ Welch shares the hard-earned wisdom of a storied career and delivers advice on dealing with the strategic, organizational, and personal challenges people face at every stage of their careers. The book is divided into four parts:

  1. Underneath it all
  2. Your company
  3. Your competition
  4. Your career

We created an animated summary, focusing on the first part of the book, ‘Underneath it all’. 

Here Welch delivers the insight that four areas should underpin everything you do in business.

#1 Mission & Values – How you intend to win in business!

#2 Candor – the biggest dirty little secret in business

#3 Differentiation – cruel and Darwinian? Try fair and effective

#4 Voice and Dignity – every brain in the game

Check out the video by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/nuUq9KjWI20

**And just in case you are wondering, part two of the video – focusing on parts 2-4 is on its way. So stay tuned 👍

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