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The MarshMallow Test by Walter Mischel

Hi There, BigM Fans. We just posted a new video on the Youtube Channel!! It features Big Ideas from cognitive-science researcher Walter Mischel and his classic book The Marshmallow Test. The book has the subtitle ‘Understanding Self-control and how to master it’ and evolves around Mischel’s famous experiments, popularly known as the “Marshmallow Test”. The research investigates the self-control of small children and how their ability to delay childhood gratification impacts their chances of being successful later in life.

The study began in the 1960s, where Walter Mischel conducted a series of studies at Stanford University’s Bing Nursery School. Mischel and his team gave preschoolers a choice between earning a reward, such as a marshmallow, immediately, or earning, a much bigger reward, like two marshmallows, if they could wait 20 minutes.

At first, observing the children and their attempts to practice self-control was an end in itself. But over time, Mischel began suspecting a direct correlation between a child’s ability to delay gratification and their future success in school, work, and life.

So, In the early 1980s, some 20 years after the initial Marshmallow Tests, Mischel started investigating how the kids he tested as preschoolers did as adolescents. What he found was that those who had been able to delay gratification as children showed better self-control than the ones who had succumbed to temptation. They were more intelligent, self-reliant, and confident. They resisted temptation better and gave up less often when frustrated. They excelled at paying attention. Were less likely to do drugs, maintained healthier weights, and pursued more education.

These findings can seem disturbing – especially to parents who have children displaying poor self-control. The good news is that it is an ability that can be trained.

In this video, we will explore ‘The Marshmallow test’ in further detail – We hope you will enjoy it, that it will inspire you, help you Grow your Mind, and Motivate You to be The Best You!

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