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The Hard Thing About Hard Things -Building a Business when there are No Easy Answers By Ben Horowitz

Today’s big idea comes from Today’s big idea comes from Ben Horowitz and his honest and straightforward book: ‘The Hard Thing About Hard things – Building a business when there are no easy answers’. The book explores the toughest parts of being an entrepreneur and emphasizes the hard truth; there are no transparent processes or checklists that can help you build the perfect company. More often than not, you will encounter problems without having flawless or encouraging answers.

As always, we highly recommend reading the whole book. You can buy it by clicking our affiliate link:

Through a combination of frank anecdotes and in-your-face truth-telling, Horowitz forces us to take off the rose-tinted glasses through which the world often views entrepreneurship and instead embrace the truth about the tough challenges entrepreneurs and CEOs face when building and running a business.  

Here is our take on the main lessons from the book:

#1 There are no universal answers, only ‘it depends.’

#2 The Truth shall set you free

#3 Right person, Right time, Right place        

#4 Do business, avoid politics

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