Mindset by Carol Dweck
Communication, Leadership Development, Personal Development

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Today’s big idea comes from World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck and her groundbreaking book ‘Mindset’. In the book, she argues that a person’s mindset is a crucial factor in determining whether they succeed or fail and define two core mindsets: the fixed and the growth.

In this video, we will present the main thoughts and ideas presented in the book.

Two Mindsets.

According to Dweck your mindset is the defining factor in how you think, feel, and act in every aspect of life.

If you live your life with a “fixed” mindset you will be seriously disadvantaged in your development and achievements, whereas a person with a “growth” mindset is much more likely to attain success.

The fixed mindset tends to make people think in terms of absolutes and is accompanied by the belief that individual traits are innate and cannot be changed or developed. This applies for both positive traits, like compassion, and negative traits, like stubbornness.

People with a fixed mindset believe in a fixed intelligence, a definite personality, and a certain morality and hence find it meaningless to put in special efforts for development.

They regard everything as a competition and detest losing because mistakes and failures are attributed to identity (I am a failure) instead of actions (I failed).

In contrast, those with a growth mindset believe that intelligence, creativity, and abilities can be developed over time with practice, hard work, endurance, and a willingness to learn and adapt. These are people who learn from mistakes and failures and believe they can become anything as long as they are determined to get there.

Knowing the difference between the fixed mindset and the growth mindset is the first step to self-improvement, but you can’t stop there.

Changing your mindset takes time and great effort. You won’t be able to just make one or two small changes and then continue in mostly the same manner as before. You will have to look at everything in your life in a new, growth-minded way.

I hope you will enjoy the video. That it will inspire you, help you Grow your Mind and Motivate You to be The Best You!

You can check out the video here.

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