the obesity code by jason fung
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The Obesity Code By Jason Fung

This week I am working from beautiful Dubai and experiencing one of the things about being a self-employed Youtuber: The ability to travel with my family while continuing to work and having fun while doing it!

I posted a new video on my channel today. A super-condensed summary of a game-changing book by Dr Jason Fung called “The Obesity Code – Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss”.

Doctor Fung is one of the world’s leading experts on intermittent fasting and low carb diet. In his book, he draws on the latest medical research and deflates old myths on what causes obesity and provide the reader with concrete advise on how to combat overweight.

For decades, people have believed the same theories on obesity, weight loss, and weight maintenance. They were (mis)taught that low-calorie, low-fat diets combined with exercise is the key to maintaining a healthy weight.

According to Dr. Fung this mantra of “eat less, exercise more” has sadly betrayed countless overweight people. He introduces a game-changing fact-based theory: Overweight people are hormonally different, and obesity is a hormonal disorder.

I hope you will enjoy the video. That it will inspire you, help you Grow your Mind and Motivate You to be The Best You!

You can check out the video here.

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This is our Bouillon Cube summary of the book. As always we highly recommend reading the whole book. You can buy it by clicking this link.

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