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The Four Tendencies By Gretchen Rubin

Hi There, BigM Fans. We just posted a new video on the Youtube Channel!! It features Big Ideas from Gretchen Rubin and her inspiring book, ‘The Four Tendencies’.!

The book is, in its essence, a groundbreaking analysis of personality. During her research, Gretchen discovered Four Tendencies that most people fit into: Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and Rebels. She also found that every aspect of our behavior is dependent on which tendency we lean towards.

The Four Tendencies explain why we act and why we don’t act, and as a result, knowledge of the ‘Four Tendencies Framework’ can guide us to make better decisions, meet deadlines and suffer less stress.

The Four Tendencies

A key term throughout the book is expectations! According to her, we all face two types of expectancies:

  • Outer expectation, which is the expectations people have of us, like for example, meeting deadlines at work
  • and inner expectations, which are the expectations we have of ourselves, like having a New Year’s resolution.

Our response to outer and inner expectation is the determining factor of which of the ‘Four Tendencies’ we fall under:

  • Upholders: Respond well to both inner and outer expectations.
  • Questioners: Challenge and contest all expectations
  • Obligers: respond to outer expectancies but struggles to meet inner expectations
  • and Rebels: Contest both inner and outer expectations.

Our tendencies are hard-wired – meaning that we bring them into the world with us. They are not a result of birth order, parenting style, religious upbringing, or gender, and unless we are involved in a near dead experience, suffer a great illness, or experience serious addiction, they don’t change as we age!!

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