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‘Reimagining Capitalism’ By Rebecca Henderson

Free market capitalism is one of humanity’s greatest inventions and the greatest source of prosperity the world has ever seen. But this success has been costly. Capitalism is on the verge of destroying the planet and destabilizing society as wealth rushes to the top. The time for action is running short.

This week I read an inspirational book by Rebecca Henderson called ‘Reimagining Capitalism’. The book has the tagline ‘in a world on fire’ and is, in its essence, a guide on how capitalism can help save itself – and the world!

According to Henderson, Reimagining capitalism requires five key actions:

#1 – Creating shared value

#2 – Building the purpose-driven organization

#3 – Re-wiring the financial system

#4 – Building co-operation

#5 Re-Building our institutions and fixing government

None adequate on its own, but each building on the other as a vital part of a reinforced whole.

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