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Outliers – A story of Success By Malcolm Gladwell

One thing that truly fascinates me is the human ability to become better at anything the more we practice. Literally anything! From folding boxes to decorating cakes, from doing math to cleaning dishes.

This week I read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. A book with the tagline ‘A story of success’ which, in its essence, is a reflection upon what it takes to achieve the extraordinary.

Throughout the book, Gladwell introduces us to successful people. People labeled ‘gifted’, ‘special’ or ‘exceptional’ and are believed to have ‘made it’s entirely by the grace of their own skills, hard work and determination no matter what advantages or disadvantages they have been given.

Gladwell, however, believes that there is more at play, and throughout the book, he uncovers the unknown ingredients that helped these people become successful. In doing so, he deflates the myth of the self-made ‘rags to riches’ protagonist and highlights the powerful influence of Chance, Luck, and other External Factors.

It’s a very interesting book filled with great stories and powerful anecdotes, which I can only recommend reading. Alternatively, you can watch our animated summary of the book by clicking the link below.

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